Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Babel. Edition 9 # 1. Cheryl Penn and David Stone.

I have not done a large collaboration for quite a quite a while, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how it pans out.  The idea is that I send participants 2 copies of a chapbook titled Babel, one to keep and one to alter.  The original altered copy is sent back to me and I make an edition of 7.  I keep one, two get sent back to the artist, one bound, one unbound for them to copy and reproduce if they wish.  They also receive 5 other chapbooks from other artists who have followed this same process. 

The first one I have tackled is with the poet David Stone (USA). As a wordsmith David is immediately responsive to titles and images and his poetry is its usual enigmatic, apparently disconnected phrases and words which, once read somehow make total sense. They also evoke strong mental imagery. 

“bracketed barriers enclosed the summation of
toes tagged
silence lost” 

As I had a bit of time on my hands, the copies I made have numerous hand painted elements, but I‘m not sure it this practice will remain, although 7 copies is quite manageable. There are an extra few copies for him and I to both distribute. 

The original looks like the image below (the centre spread) - and if you would like to participate, please let me know.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

AlphaBot - Cheryl Penn/John Bennett (USA)

I sent John a series of glyphs which he altered, sent back and I completed. 20 small books were made from the result, which also included a derivative painting 2.2cm x .85 cm, see:

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Up and Running. David Baptiste Chirot (USA)/Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

 How 3-D is 3-D? (you cant believe everything you read)
Its production time again - everyone airtight? The darkness is rising with silent investment partners
gazing at tree tops from down below
its so light up there.
the great wars created unique soldiers
ashes from battles
forages on well eaten paths.

courage was abundant 

before the years of bloodshed and assimilation a mélange of people so foreign 
the moon did not challenge 
their uncontested rule. 





emerging in.

a real life sized indeed 3D figure emerges from out the fog embroiled darkness, shifting and shuddering shadows on the gleaming flesh--large sturdy reflective over lapping tiles and sliding surfaces--the armored exoskeletal development of reptilian life forms transferred from Pleistocene fashions to the most up-to-date Hoodies and Tutus--a battle girded being stuck in swamps--
finding its way to Broadway--glorious and humble--the creatures of the hour--

sipping bottled water and looking oh so much more lifelike--
so sturdily far more 3D-like
than their poor seeming human companions--
who tilt back on easy chairs--slipping into 2D silhouettes--seated by the wide open windows--where the sea breezes blow steadily through the sylvan curtains--
yes oh yes
an ecstasy of 3D--!!
a truly triumphant twilight--
haunted by the movements of the 3D tanks, clamoring and clanking--
on their 3D maneuvers--

hustling you--into the bushes--at the back of the cinema--
while all around 
a quiet sweet scented spring rain falls--
into a OneD--sleep
seeping 4D dreams

It was quiet there too, like the Namib  or the Great Kalahari.
(In 4D)
Fans like kaleidoscopes and as soon as she said don’t be frightened I was.  
It was her face and the bridge, 
they were from another time, 
a forward time backwards. 
Sea mist is really telling, 
as are windmills, 
one wont move without the other. 
Or were they drones? 
I just couldn’t say during the pause.  
Life in black and white - it seems so easy among the poplar trees, and any dog could smell the way. Treacherous fragrance was clear to him. 
When children cling, they grip hard. 
Down in the dungeons a strange fire burned - the one everyone was looking for.  
She could see he knew that chloroform was her way. 

 And then he was gone…