Thursday, 10 September 2015

Great (?) Expectations. David Stone (USA) and Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

They looked
they wanted
they expected
a boy,
but only she came.
he died
on the way here
he was buried by the tracks
along Aristotle’s Way.

wagoner's grief grips the seat. identification. dog tags. erupted parcels of pills. dreams of aliens mixed with night mares survived. who took the survey? beliefs in the Hippocratic Oath. members only drinks. cigar smoke. reading the news. parallel memories.

on walls of parallel memories
who wants to work
who wants to eat?
scaffolding so high
it blocks the sun
lines no longer
carry life
THIS is why grey snow falls.
Another attack
like it was nothing/our walls were
mediocre pilots
it’s a new record
blades made hypocrisy rise.

ice scrapers. absolved Soviet dishes. drones. a new empire. past. past the scaffolds wavering in the wind zone high up 80 or so miles so high that I can see over the Rockies into the Canyon so bizarre in haste scrambled to eat and run.

words were spilling
new frozen realms
can you take me to their leader?
music was waning
a search team not sent.
its too good to be true
hooked up to inevitable conclusions
upside down
she said she would try free her
but chains too long
attached clipboards
names of the doomed
embedded in Canyon scaffolds.


driven past the equinox Adonai heeded healed disrupted animal life bizarre sounds of the stereo equipment installed opened climbed up a ladder a stone stairwell eaten
resolved. analysis of the leader. speakers. microphones. assailants. sound traps. a trillion deaths. miles of sand the conclusion dissolved in apprehension.

its all a Questions
Does life give
second chances?

            Do you?

Flat line bomb drop
You’re not helping.
I wont endanger
your entitlement to  knowledge
(and dead ends),
minor innovations
the chance to take  assailant labor
into uncertain futures.
make up your mind.
As much as we give,
our mistakes are impossible
to recover from.

a thought of Beckett's Waiting. messenger. Abraham-the fable. attempt to imagine God. ideas. a breath. an atom. who knew that the first atomic explosion would stop?  Teller's tall talent. enough. air. bodies breathe. taken awry. split. swam across
an alleyway. of beliefs that bled and followed the course. a simple extraction. people laugh. ideas suffer. graduate. degrees. splendid. we repeal.

Truth Tellers
Stay out of sight
they were so young
red sightings through trees
stones tinkering
it was 5.42am
and warnings were scarce.
he hunts alone
while we try
to rebuild our strange cities
NOT based on fables
but Abrahamic faith.
Confessions of escapees
confined at all times
former members of council
our hands always forced
a chance to start something
now just prisoners without titles.

The birth rings. parallel. aspects. pieces. meanwhile the space voyager espies Pluto and eavedrops beyond the geomagnetic prism.

We found a way out
perhaps we will go home
whatever is going down
these places,
these people,
they’re not real
not our real.
We’re forever playing
and life
it’s The Great Fire
over and over and over

Great Fires-burnt Europe through the ages. the Heraclitean fire,the photons embarking on their 100,000 year journey from the center of the sun to reach California to burn the shrubs.
accelerants. fire obsessions. the Great Chicago Fire caused by a cow in a barn. smoking. a band. a smoking jacket puffing in the lounge and discussing macroeconomic stats.

A verse
set on fire
lost replaced with
Outside there,
things seemed more vibrant
but you were dead
and the insects,
they feed on us.
a funeral
I tried to get away
as far as possible
other wars,
rescue missions
Great Fires
I needed that payment
every night
nothing was real
that cut in the earth
wider than we could imagine
found in emergency kits
while Edwardians danced
their silly dances
and the poor?
they just starved.

the fire in Baltimore-the riots-the CVS pharmacy and an unfinished apt complex for elders. the police commissioner was fired. games. game theory. the rulebook of Machiavelli. you must be a master of lies to advance.

If you have something you know other people want
how do you hide it?
Coins in the jukebox
Campari on ice
excavated from the Himalaya’s
by Japanese running columns
connected somehow
were you Machiavelli followed?

Its what the seasons come down to.

someplace to rest. London. criminal bombings. the Londoners hiding in the Tubes.  the Americans come. D-Day.  reichs. the penalties never end.

We have to keep moving
through isolated landscapes
so cold the rotors freeze
even music is quiet.
Can you shut the airlifts to safety?
its getting worse in quarantine
hiding makes changes necessary
be safe out there
someplace to rest.

the airport vision. the pilots' visors. their families home somewhere maybe divorced and alienated while the flight ventures through streams of clouds and tariffs.

past families
past files and sweepers
they didn’t really care for anyone
if he dies
no one will know
trying to open metal doors
that never were locked
windows on top
the view down
-   it was enough for us
-   to hang on
out there
getting creative.
Conversations that stopped
clouds and tariffs.

deaths and ports. waiting for arrivals. a smoking lounge. a comfortable seat on the flight. first class. travel. relics. what is your favorite dinner? we have learned. arrears. tables. meal preparations. for a banquet. requests. songs. the players.

the airport vision continues?
I’ve just come from the stars
(a game face).
 - said the players
Strapped to requested chairs
- What’s the plan?
- You’re here to screen us?
You think you’re ready?
the drawings
they pass the time
no more voices, just mine
that’s better -
in and out of these mind places

why do you question me?

Secrets my dear
are never said out loud
no matter what or where
you cannot even breathe them.

listening,not on purpose,in the lounge. secrets?  everybody's business. earphones. games. everything is electronics. waiting to physically fly someplace else. to be aloft for a while.
Pluto. suddenly we know it is a red planet with a nitrogen atmosphere and liquid nitrogen rivers and a giant moon with a gash in its face. and it is not all dark-it gets a few minutes of dusk from the sun.

ice mountains, on icy orb downgraded dwarf planets, clues to water soft bedrocks, secret surprises on tv on tight chairs, people breathing too close.
From the flightdeck
Please pocket your great expectations
the deal was signed a big piece of the puzzle спокойствие
but aren’t  you curious about the rabbit? secretly of course
I’m skeptical
the very nature of ethics
they cant be trumped
decaying moral fiber
rarely wanting
whatever you gave them
(from the outward bound flightdeck).

the dictation. anarchy bites?  escapes. the structure explained. Hobbes: here are the passions-chief of which is the desire for power which is only cut off by death.   the ascent of assessments. the judge. cherubim. (Poe's visions).
his highness. the queen dictates the stages of ascent. the Dantean spiral.  accentuated models.  animated. the debate in the lounge.

Stop staring/scaring the customers
do you know who that is?
The Pilot?
everything all right?
it could be better - right?
what you got kid?
five years later
high penetration bullets
stock trading on power
deep breathing
a son down a rabbit hole
betting 10 to 1
in airport lounges
falling though barriers of ascending assessments terminating in accentuated models.
rightly observed. the cost of money. a separable calculation. bonds. all is found. unpaid. representatives tolled. i can't find my monocle. i know it slipped out of my pocket. it might be 35,000 feet down by now.

home (a while away)
in better spirits?
a whole newfangled realm
no boundaries
loosing our minds (at 35000 feet)
tell me if I’m crossing lines
a tired
but tested compass.
obscurity in misunderstanding
where are we?
no sign yet
could they back out?

in some kind of orbit impossible to recognize. skepticism. belief systems. The Egyptians discarded the brain considering the heart the most important.

(The We) are
for what has eluded (The Us)
relinquishing character
breathtaking in scope.

met somewhere in Berlin sometime when it was tranquil in the aftermath. read a map. the zones. the quarters. the ideologies. past times.

They found your monocle
homeless in Berlin
early map reading
birds in flight
circumferential navigation
unique ideologies
no fake calls
jumping on loose boards
he kept kicking
chaos to touch
when they looked for him
when he saw him,
he just wasn’t there.

a no show. I ducked into a café. watched out the big glass window. a field of lives. a coloration. a speech. an inspection. creatures. which customer has a bomb? field artillery signals.
it was the butler.

Who would have thought…
his companions at the citadel
DID they try stopping him
hard enough?
It goes a long way on winters nights out there
looking for her
it doesn’t matter who wrote it
but who acts it
(that’s what they whisper)

Columbo interrogated so innocuously with his dog and his wife and inspected the food particles on the fork.  a death sentence. the judgement. the frail system. sized penitentiary. besides it was a calm night and the wind seemed comforting.

Book and Chapbooks made for An Encyclopedia of Everything - The Expanded Version.
Edition of 1 Book and 7 chapbooks.  Word collaboration with David began 29th June and ended (but began again) on July 29th 2015.  Serendipitous? I think so.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Port of Empathy (Part 2) - Wolfgang Günther (Germany)/David Stone (USA)/ Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

Port of Empathy
‪Part 2

Starting, following.
With three people
there is always one nearer to a middle.
With 1 ethnic language
for speakers of different native voices
the situation of dialogue is not ideal.
(Said Habermas.)
Esperanto would change that.
(Says Nula Horo.)
But it's indeed worth trying.
(That's what I say.)
It's part of a world-wide icarian responsiveness.
Staying in the air, detecting, landing, digging, finding.
Getting to know.
Getting beyond.

Wolfgang Günther (Germany)

has the feeling of an odd though poetic panel discussion. It works because there is some similar vein in which the 3 of us use language and it becomes interesting because it allows our differences to be accentuated.

David Stone (USA)

Somehow it didn’t matter the order in which we wrote, nor that the theme was disjointed, just that we wrote together, pulled far away words close and wrapped ourselves for a moment in language that superseded daily handling.

Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

‪Know, choose & give.
‪New ends to similar beginnings.
‪New outsets to old deadlines.
‪Kiam la luno ciklas -
‪contageous yawning.
‪Confoundly helping &
‪indiferently empathetic (?)
‪at black hole`s gate,
‪but no common number yet
‪for the common crunch planet...
‪The rules for spelling time as neuroscience.
‪The rules for tellig time as omnipotence.
‪& 2016: year of the pulses.
‪Moros, cristianos & judios:
‪black are the beans & white the rice.
‪Here mushy rooms, there arid brooms.
‪Having or feel it?
‪Grimmaceous Mother Hulda.
‪Avoiding afterwisdom.
‪Caring for the appropriate Ätherleib
‪while you are looking
‪for your parking lot in orbit.
‪Pues sea como sea :
‪Siempre es comienzo.
‪Kiam la luno ciklas...


‪the experience. I asked Noah to recite the Kaddish- proof that I believe in God? 
ports. travel. travail. the odyssey of partners. ideas. storms.
when we last worshipped together?
did we-really-ever?
‪it is a tranquil moment. a motive. oars sound. quiet. lapsed.
Elohim. the gods. the flesh matters. soil on this earth-is it good? 
to worry? to drive- a victim. one steps on a bug or swats a fly.
did Albert Schweitzer ever do that when he played the organ? 
a trial. a standup comic-I tell you I don't get any respect-keep quiet about that.
a great victory one right after the other.
opportunities to recycle plants.
in the form of fossil fuels or fused particles as we row.


Know Choose and Give?
Tranquil moments?
Fused particles?
he thought/we thought
 he was going mad
a phantom
a cubby hole
with filed weapons
I knew who did this.
there were only a few moments
held together with now
images by unknown artists
only one person could bring him success
and only for love.
Come now!
You think
this theory is based on proof?
he found out
and threatened the dalliance
-          (as he called it)
and neither forgave the girl in the splattered dress.
Its hard to go somewhere
living side by side
with old memories
I went back
At - Exactly On Time
the good memories -
they are those that hurt the most -
       ANY port of empathy (for  Enigmatics) will do.


Hello, let's see:
Beauty as food.
Claims & relations.
Even the hexamercerata
develop solidarity.
Wanted for salvage.
Social monitoring & metafacts.
The agencies of makebelief & hope
stand by our side..., true?
Deentitation & dual narration.
Good art does what is necessary.
The moments of great moments.
MERS will be doomed,
despite all Alberts.
Well done:
The Institute of Earth & Space
so far denies the obligation
to choose between beyond & secular.
It rather wants to fuse them.
& there is nothing wrong
with splattered dresses...


‪ ports of empathy true or false-is it an outburst of emotion or quietly felt
(A Hallmark greeting card?) 
a holiday occasion with a lot of family.
crying at a real wedding or actors on the screen
or stage
faking tears and getting the audience to cry along with them.
a phd in drama-the art of tears.

pluralistic, comprehensive dukkah/tanha
the anatomy of sorrow.
“there is no soundness in my flesh”.
Kempis (a vale of tears) - no greeting card that.
Secret sorrows of which the world knows not
Longfellow was not cold but wretched
(can empathy be moderated?)

I’m tired of looking
for tracked down fires
burns and splinters - repeat
you’re not supposed to be here
do you think I want to be?
do you think I haven’t noticed
that he was gone
everything turned red
in his absence
the dragon turned carmine too.
how could they do this in flickering neon lights
falling to the floor in a fake year.
swimming tubes in tunnels
a wilderness adventure
I left my keys please open the gate
       How can I know
          What I have not known?


the sentence of going apart,searching for an apartment
somewhere beneath the tall spires. I aspire. a dream.
a ship. assaillantes. require. bought. stolen diamonds. thirst.
down digging beneath the crust. the mantle. mental salient. resolved. spite.


Ci risiamo.
the membrane.
the borderline.
The seas
with much ado about land.
Multum quis facit,
qui multum diligit.
Dear all!
You better rilate than maintain.
Cross-race bias,
The ever-present human
dynamics, avoiding
soulsquatting though
& too much waste
(& lavishness).
Ironing shirts is
as preposterous as
For 1 kg aluminum
could iron 225 shirts.
But –
who wants to do that?


Be careful with those boxes
touch nothing
she was cold you know
she wanted a fire
not to keep warm,
but to hide
people burning letters?
Yes from those they cannot have.
This is not a complete set
a story that doesn’t make sense
shirts? aluminum? lavish waste?
I know this is annoying
and home troubles belong to all
         - traditional effects.
why do you not want us
to find the truth?
and they disappeared
their faces, their souls.
I don’t think the security units
were functioning honestly
     - Do you understand?


hidden of course in plain sight inside the text. use.
foreign still tinkering in a kind of cold storage box.
columns. wasted. watered. nutrition studies. planks. hidden by atomic fusion.
we relapsed.
bought certain sustainable items. placed them in an aluminum tank.
called the president on the telephone for assitance.
despite the riots and the value analysis tempered.
in the bank.


2015 – Year of the light.
All have a glimpse!
Says Francis
This world is more (then)
than a problem to resolve...
Addressing again
the hidden 3rd.
Security beyond all Freuds
& home, sweet home
& anonymities of
the black market.
The own from outside
& the other from within.
The we-s
in front of mustering-outs.
Rather the incomplete less
than total nothing.
What´s the sence in falling
to one's eternity
because of overcomplex
& expensive footwear?
Aluminĉerkoi &
transgenai la semgrenoi.

2015 excavations. expansions.
deliberations whole. altruisms. exceed gold and diamonds.
cuts into flesh.
figments offend the disastrous statements
of police and politicians urban citings.
I reacted as though
some kind of alien force forgot me after I agreed to leave.

From here - north or south?
(The Alien withdrawal I mean)
Its all an industrial evolution
of dank courtyards
infinitesimal suffering
how did we endure?
its very cold
the other day down to -3
but I prefer it said he -
I do this all the time
getting caught
taking off before I begin
to turn us all down.

a walk a journey barred back wards people repopulate decimated zones
Albion launched saucers stats crypts encrypted formed millions of attenuated
barriers. Winston Churchill lunched on heated sausages eighteen barrels
of iced port.bricks. absolved. we broke Mach 5?
fifteen trillion time zones since Australopithecus first lunched here.
the carbon deposits provided the proof.
right here in my back yard station where at we have heated steaks just last year.

Kie la vorto parolas...
Hallmarks &
disorders & decisions.
Faux empathy
en 2-lane-roundabouts.
The loss of keys
scattered to the 4 winds.
Man: stakeholder
& at risk...
See the rodents compassion.
Low growth - &?
Marhaba, makabrio.
Going nuclear  is
trendy again...
Cash slips decide
in our final shot studios.
Uwaga & ubuntu.
The port is still open.


The port is still open
But entrance is blocked.
It’s the end of containment
yellow lights
rained ahead
failed experiments
she could not leave her people behind.

you cant fight
so cover up
the loads
the prizes
of grim reapers.
trolley wheels
three apiece while you take your 100 chances.
the ground was hacked
by those that sky fell
never the same again.
Lights out
a search team
to ports of empathy
who helped them?
who produced their cause?
tell me you never set them free?
are we back to
Whatever you wanted/needed to do?

 Book/Chapbook made for An Encyclopedia of Everything
The suggestion for a three-way collaboration came from
Wolfgang while I was in Australia in very early June. 
My first port of call was - always is David Stone (USA). 
He very kindly agreed and here follows our Tri-Way.   

Wolfgang begun on 10th June 2015, David followed and
I was third.