Sunday, 20 December 2015

SO, how was YOUR day?

So, how was YOUR day?

 you do the right thing -
but then
you get to live with
within eyes and ears
and forest withdrawals
getting their/our people
right now,
there are no sides.
the child’s a survivor
she’ll get through this thing

but what was the whisper
and who was it for? 

makeshift gates
the lights came on
just in time
but her eyes -
they held no trust.

Moving fakes aside
(no one could have thought
THAT was Vermeer). 

we marched together

I thought.

I had to I had to I had to I had to I had to I had to I had to I had to I had to I had to
they were ready to talk
but so were we
Now, no chance for truce
when horror runs through
the camp
foundational fears.
wait !!
you’ll be heard -
recognize pain
      what it is.

standing there,
it came to me
the order we woke up in.
its always with hindsight isn’t it.
(marvelous subatomic stuff)
the realization of
WHAT she’d done.
don’t be too hard
that was another time
another leader
trying to save
everything that happened
too late.

 we all had to choose
be responsible
for selected sides
THEY said
she’s free to go
the seconds faded
the morning drew on
too late to prove
we were not afraid
watching for movement
I would never see you again. 

buying time
on free fall markets
spent minutes
kept in strongholds
detained for treason
ferocity past imagining
we’re ALL
trying to find a way out of this
sparks of light welding time
that time
the time before an imperfect
physical stepping into the abyss of beyond (here and there)
hands tied and willing to consider
time spent with visionary voices
speaking face to face understanding pain.

 traipsing on forests floors
do you see anything?
because you cant see
do you think its not there?
checking again
still no sign
watching rising moons tethered to reality
are you reading?
Do you copy?
MayDay Today.

closing outer doors
mental seminal realities -
why did you come?
how long before you leave?

enough have wept
(the things we’ve done
to survive -
do they define us)? 

what if we are
who we are now
surrounded by
manual overrides
capital crimes
taking blame
but not moving closer
and that blame?
you bleed for nothing.

spare no expense
the spot
an altercation
blood on the carpet
MOZZIES like Messerschmitts
(the morning pep talk)
processing loss
life soldiers
the cruel but unyielding concept
there are always suspects
within broad black strokes
voluminous views
over grey skyscrapers.

not friendly
this environment
that is ferocious
a secret wish for nasty things
the glass
reflected the past
and the future
2 buses and a train
strangers in a strange land (in here)
laughing about making it (out there)
help me -
have you any idea
how veins
travel through marble? 

I caution you
they doesn’t travel down
after work hours
(today new
antiques tomorrow)
I want to be involved
we found this key
make sure it gets back to me you know he was an only kid -  a long time ago - bearing in   mind you experience time                          
(and tide)
   a little differently.

-    brutal 
-   not an adventure,
-   a pointless exercise (you’re afraid), (so am I) but risking your life for something you believe in - was it worth it?

There’s a car on a hoist someone working in its belly.

its not my first case
floating boats on locking mechanisms
distress levels
in red zones
strange accents
doing magic
on evidence.
guys like you
in places like that
maybe there can be a deal?

What’s the date
Am I still doing today? 

shall I get a lift with Tina?
paper shreds
all in vain
the parking level matters not
and the lights
they took the fall.
committing fully to the protection
of another
creates a paradox
of risk
their choices
are out
of our control.
you stick with me
I’ll take care of you. 
Enter the night -sky
close the blue door
she rowed
a moonlit river
certain nothing was real
the bell
its sound was 7.25
candle lit blur
he forgot to plead forgiveness
running on moors
trying to escape
this day of all days.

the dude who copies locks
do you know what kind of key this is?
will it unlock frustrated attitudes and existential questions?
Will it knock the shadows from cave walls
allegorical disputes in arrears
will the rows of keys and
locks keep THEM at bay? 

have you done the test?
It’s a no
not meant to be after all.
what are you doing here?
what answer would you like?
I’m sorry
Tell me what happened
he didn’t show
I was ready to do this HUGE thing
and then he didn’t show
why are you smiling - because you’re back
this is you - you’re back
and we’re unraveling
does this mean
I should muster
my star pupils for a field trip? 

she tore the veil
and told him to
wake up
brushing butterflies
off his chest
Where are we?
First I have to show you something
it all rewound
and certain corridors were blocked
those of course were the ones
where she needed to be. 

do you have a better idea?
She could see his eyebrows rising.
I’ll send his resume
man to man
compromise my integrity
live with whatever you earn
and don’t underestimate
     suffering in silence
   rarely a smile
 feeling guilty
  the big guns
   for secret discussions
on plus size couches. 

we were ALWAYS
in alternate realities
a sink hole
some story
I’m a therapist
but their disbelief
(shadowed faces)
was palpable
we’re better off without you
he closed the door
and said
I’ll find what’s there
I lost everything too
open your door
lets share
(while thoughts continue to pile). 

everything was long gone
before that
what can we change
who are you trying to change
me or you
it comes down to falling beams
endless seems
and places to live
substituted authenticities.

time divides
brackish river
spraying gunmetal sparks
I’ve been through this
you know that you can talk
(to me)?
he told me to come to his old place
waiting in the garage
-   it looked like him
-   but it wasn’t him
matched fingerprints
should identify persons
taken into custody.

I saw the look
the installation
the evidence -
why would you do all that
looking beneath the water
from below
there is no going back
an unwired source
said - it’s the edge, the flying papers the chaos
the knock on the door
heralded her

I’m on my way!

in airport departure
they don’t like spies
or mistakes
(like they used to)
the cable says
can we find a solution
to the current situation
an apology
public appeasement
but trials are scheduled
(A life NOT for the faint-hearted). 

redefine ‘right away’
eating noodles
that’s fast
in that part of the world
turn a prison guard
king Arthur’s round(ish) table
what will move them?
high tech defense system
pawns and castles
jostle the king.

this is a preview
I know where it is
lets go there
right now
lets go
to a world
where you cant catch me
no matter how hard you try
its different
when the questions
are not yours.

Large trays of fresh baked bread
the smell
a formidable workforce
the pause
brought a beautiful smile.
For what its worth
a touch
can make you move on
from here to there
Are you here?  

today was not my favorite day
but it wasn’t all bad
I thought it was what you wanted
just not today
if you want to talk
I can do that too
done pretending
not enough absolution
in a fantasy world
the grey came so fast
the voices were calling.

SO, how did YOUR day go? 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Mail Art Makes the World A Town - Edition 13 - Its posted!

1               Serse Luigetti - Italy
2               Tiziana Baracchi - Italy
3               Vittore Baroni - Italy
4               Jürgen Olbrich - Germany
5               TICTAC - Germany
6               Katerina Nikoltsou - Greece
7               Claudio Romeo - Italy
8               Erich Sündermann - Austria
9               Hans Hess - Germany
10           Svenja Wahl - Germany
11           Antonio Gomez - Spain
12           Rod Summers - Netherlands
13           Karl Steuer - Switzerland
14           Samuel Montalvetti - Argentina
15           Mark Sonnenfeld - USA
16           Various Artists/AA - South Africa
17           Mikhail Pogarsky - Russia
18           Estelle Hudson - South Africa
19           Lesley Magwood Fraser - South Africa
20           Theo Nelson - Canada
21           Pier Roberto Bassi - Italy
22           John Bennett - USA/Cheryl Penn -South Africa
23           David Stone  - USA
24           Peter Müller - Germany
25           Cheryl Penn - South Africa

Editions 14 and 15 are ready for collation too.  Please note - Size change from Edition 15 onwards - 22 signed and numbered POSTCARD (!A6) size pages.