Tuesday, 14 April 2015

FUDGE Lollipops OFFICER? (Cheryl Penn) (For TICTAC - Zine in a Box)

for a long time
sooner or later
cut down
cut off.

The Childs Story:
Fingers tapping merchandise
in mint (                     ) -
where’s my stuff?
There are no records
prior to incarnation
its my case before commission
fudge lollipops officer?

This is the first time I’ve seen you here
are you desperate?
Don’t you have a mind of your own?
I kept everything safe
your experiments - the funny thing
I think I was freed (in here)
We’re all
a factory of broken machines
very few
can be fixed,
most should be scrapped.

does it all look shady
blame me all you want
but from whence comes this spirit of fire?

You TOLD him you knew -
I lied
(no not me, him)
while arias played
on stagnant soirées
dark dresses
of understated elegance
worms within.

It was Caravaggio I think
the child
and the woman with full red lips
gaze averted
background stairs to a Room.
from young to old
under a bridge of memories

was it easier then?
The grey skies would not say.

somehow it didn’t seem fair
did it
as shots were fired in slums of yesteryear.
You’ve come a long way
while  doors remained closed
with brass handles so polished
our faces reflected our futures.

Some of your people are looking for you
John Doe.

He said:
I’ve worked so long
so hard
all my life
to get where I am
so long
I forget what I even wanted to be.

You wanted to be someone -
and you are.

Arent you?

 She lifted the carmine blossom
from a rain filled bucket
I like it here
you make me feel safe
but her fingers were crossed
and she was lying
despite evident innocence
(aren’t her eyes sad?)
One cant trust a trapped bird.
Or an experimented mouse.

The girl who rang the doorbell was not her
and the woman so dainty (?)
not her mother (?)
its nice to see you (?)
its lovely to see you too (?)
You’ve been well I hope (?)
yes, and you (?)
the laughter around the clock
on the face of it
was chilling.

How long have I known you
I know its you
the smart one of the family
the genius
the vision
the one out the box
NO an easy way out
I owe him at least that. 

you can like him all you want
but you can never tell him.
If they want us to step away
so badly
why are we fighting?
For what?
Keep us safe through imminent transactions
the creep at her back
manipulating files
and the electrical storm
entered the basement
on the heels of a Mad Man.
a power  purge
a deluge of fudge lollipops.