Thursday, 26 November 2015

Mail Art Makes the World A Town - Edition 13 - Its posted!

1               Serse Luigetti - Italy
2               Tiziana Baracchi - Italy
3               Vittore Baroni - Italy
4               Jürgen Olbrich - Germany
5               TICTAC - Germany
6               Katerina Nikoltsou - Greece
7               Claudio Romeo - Italy
8               Erich Sündermann - Austria
9               Hans Hess - Germany
10           Svenja Wahl - Germany
11           Antonio Gomez - Spain
12           Rod Summers - Netherlands
13           Karl Steuer - Switzerland
14           Samuel Montalvetti - Argentina
15           Mark Sonnenfeld - USA
16           Various Artists/AA - South Africa
17           Mikhail Pogarsky - Russia
18           Estelle Hudson - South Africa
19           Lesley Magwood Fraser - South Africa
20           Theo Nelson - Canada
21           Pier Roberto Bassi - Italy
22           John Bennett - USA/Cheryl Penn -South Africa
23           David Stone  - USA
24           Peter Müller - Germany
25           Cheryl Penn - South Africa

Editions 14 and 15 are ready for collation too.  Please note - Size change from Edition 15 onwards - 22 signed and numbered POSTCARD (!A6) size pages.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Exits. David Stone (USA) and Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

And out they come
the other voices
loud as thunder
and we were at the beginning
Why were the renovations unfinished
east gallery was closed
the temerity of unfinished business.
her vision saw them through
dark hours - blue bloods bleed
like the rest of us -

The exits couldn’t tell us anything.

The exit sign. an insignia. who left? to the alley. signs. language. the scientific method. seeking. alchemy. Newton obeys the law to avoid capital punishment. outside the tower. others. feeling. hurt. hurdled. humans. populate aisles.

substantially cut
large missing portions (found)
lower class underground dwellings
working (still)
making paths for callous ones
turbines underground
desolation bases
scorched skies
the history of our
unprecedented future.

icthe contents; the streets. asleep and awake. citizens. civil laws. a policy prohibiting street musicians. the chronicles digested. appealed. drums. waiter. a drink of water please. theses. boards. forgotten. a trace of carbon provides the evidence that once a homeless family recorded a sonata in front of the Ritz Carlton hotel. before the convention. fashion. platters. home. ground. military arrivals. herds. rations. the decimated mind of the public.

through the mist brave ones walk
of uncertain fate
their footsteps behind riders
tattooed and terrible
masks give nothing away
taunting twitches
fear on both sides.

the tatto tale. the minnesinger swelled with disbelief so solemn that the whole house cried.

waiting until dark
stay and defend
ladders to the sky
meeting again at all the  Carefuls signposted
along the way.
in the end its never worth it - is it?
overrun projections
still coating the evening sky
clearing a path
we could not believe.

we waited for the flight. people and crowds. outside the window, the giant steel planes. sometimes they catch birds in their turbines. of course it is the birds' fault for getting in the path of the flight. causing a delay and serious risk.

the only way birds win
a place at exits
is when
we’re in basements
answering ancient telephones
that no longer ring.
the distinction of flight-the fugue-a higher class than the earthbound. batman jumps across skyscrapers into the folds of comedy.

When the shift
an exit at San Andreas eventualized, the signs were clearly marked -
whatever it took -
darting eyes
three months of options
within the camp
war breaks out
dots on a matrix
to points of floating statues
no longer tokens
of liberty
scaffolding keeping the distance
between their exodus and ours.

the exit is clearly marked. there are floorlights to guide your path through the smoke. walk dont run. a stampede. babies. i forgot my candy. dont go back. outside. fresh air. fire engines. reading the news. reporters. bestsellers. reiterated. someplace else are the billionaires who did not purchase this cinema.

These moving pictures
are we past or present - its always never for the one who answers the phone.
Flashbulbs around the shadows of a body, captured perfectly through a broken window.
Retribution, marking everything as state property including Aphrodite of Fréjus. 
Grave robbers, ships filled with shameful cargo, 
assumptions, old land lines allegorical time lines, why be so secretive?

operated power provided machinery for unconventional exits.

power lines. the storm. warmth. yells. periods of distaste. the abysmal state position. the candidate. yells. in the stadium. the players. the gambles. the cards the shark the counter the luxury suite tailored suits. poker chips. home tears. a joke that brings a laugh.
landscapes of Saturn
clouds breaking
it looked like a Berlin exit
but was not.
press the options button
for 3-d delusions
falling stars
that once were us
splintered in letters
trying to transcribe
several versions
of the same story.

The classes. The figures sent from the revolution. Against the order of the station master. Play the reel. Reddened sight. Smile the gladiators who don't care about the thumbs

if you plot another way will the turning wheels leave gashes?

watching the wheels take off. the plane taxis. the passengers pay taxes. the pilot misses the runway. there are ruts near the symphony hall.

and popcorn grenades were stilled
but that was another exit.

Biographic Cinema.

(Part Two)

many walks past the Biograph cinema. a thousand times i stepped on the spot where Dillinger's blood pooled 38 years prior and i did not know it. he was a bad man and i wonder why he looks so good to me looking back now. he robbed banks in the rural midwest taking citizens' life savings- maybe a total haul of 10,000 during the depression and the cops could not catch him he drove too fast,there was no warning,no police communications and he outgunned the police. and he was a public hero why in depressed times he looked so much better to citizens than the government that failed them.

A new lighthouse (Cape Point 1914)
cinemagraphic luster
to shed brightness
the old man  
a dusty floor
picking his tired way through
grimy shadows
     just plain depressed
     after the credits ran.

the old man in the sea-on vacation of some kind-studied Aquinas-then looked up at the moon and i thought it is just a rock controlled by gravity and the tide swelled and the fish washed up on shore and somewhere an orca called for help.

2 strands from madness
will he hold her hand?
its beauty locked up
behind screen savers
and stolen kisses
the cat was walking funny -
I don’t think he liked the programme.

watching the movie. ideal faces. snack foods. are you amused?  i laughed. a penny dropped. a popcorn grenade flies towards the big screen.

Dark Matter intervenes
halogen lamps, sparks, shadows, condensation, heartbeats - the blur the beating the catching the kicking, all before time, a mother saw her child
and could not contain.

 the cloaks on the loom spread mentioned our past discussion. early warning. radioactivity. genetics. perfectly formed. measured rated. prizewinning disarmed broadcast for applause.

Don’t bother to audition
your cheekbones
are in perfect order
Loom(ing) flaw-less-ness.
on stage sets suffering as tradition demands
haunting through space
murder,comedy,violence,love,sci-fi,joined to fire an ultimate pause - a truce
a kill for nothing
being led by a child -
but so were we, the last drama wherein we garnered commendations and Oscars and after parties.

The audition. the spectators. a gladiatorial fight. animals and Christians in the arena. entertainment of 10,000 people. the circus. the plebians. sought fire and water. elementals gain. Empedocles stood respectively beyond some veil opened the curtain. bowed. applause.
exit. pursued by fissionable substrates.

4 classical elements
all your choice
from one charge to another
flawed relationships
are not entirely without love
you cannot escape being there or here
access the wide channel
tell them we’re here
in underground shafts
just breathing
the dissonance between places
haunts us.

outside reasons. ideologies. chants. rights. human rights. by law and nature. the film. the Hollywood ending. the crime that is always solved in 50 minutes.

that’s it, the paradox, the 50 minute crime/life/disease/superhero whose mask falls to the floor revealing
radios focused on distant stars
roads underground
mapped secretly round mountains on rivers in clouds how far does eternity go?
Ferris wheels in the desert pin points took us there
liberty stretches. Dead.
Grids shapeshift
borne aloft
their price is too terrible
what could she say?

We raced around the corner,the coroner took extra time disclosing possessions robbed returned to civilians to study armed placed under glass carbon ratios altered everyone interviewed agreed that this paradox sticks.

in the sand
reinforcing defenses
doubles on the perimeter
no ones getting past -
     are they?
is there a way to make peace
that wasn’t who he was
but it is
who he is now
(and then)
     (but not again).